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Screw Machine Enclosures

Guaranteed Noise Reduction and Operator Acceptance:

The Noise Tamer DSM-XL 2000 is guaranteed to reduce operating noise levels on standard Davenport Screw Machines to at least 85 dBA (actual noise levels may vary depending on stock size and configuration, but reductions to 80 DBA are common).

The Noise Tamer DSM-XL 2000 is a neat and attractive cabinet-style enclosure that fits tightly to the shape of your Davenport Machine. It enhances the appearance of your screw machine department and is designed to be readily accepted by your operators and maintenance personnel.

Easy to Install:

The Noise Tamer DSM-XL 2000 can be quickly and easily installed by your own personnel. An adapter pan is simply bolted to the top of the machine base to allow ample foot room under the enclosure. The enclosure frame is set in place and then the side and end doors are installed.


  • Baffled exhaust vent to contain noise
  • Bi-folding rear doors to improve access for cam changes
  • Larger stock reel opening to accommodate automated bar loaders
  • Open pocket for access to automatic bar loaders
  • Better visibility to machining area through larger windows
  • An extended door pocket on operator’s side allows for full access when doors are open
  • Proven Results


  • On-Site Engineering Design Visit
  • Installation Services
  • Ventilation Packages
  • Light Packages

Designed For:

  • Davenport
  • Acme-Gridley
  • Brown & Sharpe
  • New Britain

Acme Gridley

Davenport DSM-XL 2000