Automated Enclosures

For applications where productivity, ergonomics, and/or safety are a concern, let Tamer Industries incorporate one of its automated enclosures packages as your solution. Tamer Industries can design, manufacture, and install an enclosure package to meet your every need. Protecting your workers from high levels of noise is what we work to achieve with our enclosures.

automated enclosures with Multiple Safety Features

  • Tape Switch Safety Edge: will immediately stop the door upon activation
  • Tension Controlled Linear Actuator: slips if the interference of door is detected
  • Sick™Laser Scanners, prevent collisions and adjust door speed and stop when interference is detected.
  • Timeout Feature: stops the system if the door does not complete its travel within a set period of time

Automated Enclosures

  • Factory tested
  • Controls and monitors door operations
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with your machine’s controls
  • Several standard packages available to meet most customer requirements


  • Provides access to all control settings
  • Provides visual outputs illustrating the status of the door system
  • Provides fault designation and resets
  • Several standard packages available to meet most customer requirements

Dual-Voltage Drive Motor

  • 230/460V Gearmotor

noise-tamer modular enclosure 24′ wide automated door

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